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    I don't know what my problem was with you then but I always wanted to smash so badly but I could never make my move on you. I'm not looking for dick and I certainly don't want any of yours, you're disgusting Seen f you mean can handle as in I can't handle how disgusting it is, then you're right And you're crazy if you think I'm opening anything else from you. Say hi to creepypms by the way Sent From "Sweet" to Nasty zero seconds flat. I have printed off your pictures you submitted to reddit P) and I tributed them about 3 times a day but I was wasting so much ink I decided to buy a laminator to laminate them so I ca just wipe it clean after (I must have saved a lot of on ink now : P)... I just wanted to tell you this and see how you react and if you could maybe send me one more picture (to make a total of 5) because I have 5 wanks a day and currently I go through your pictures 1-4 and then cum on a random one just before bed, but if I had one more then It'd complete the collection (angel emoji)... that's a I hope you aren't creeped out and I look forward to hearing from you (finally : D) permalenke slett rapporter blokker bruker marker som ulest svar sendte 2 minutter siden Are you Really? ive jst read un post history and every single post is to creepy PMS trying to get karma. Ur making a living off shaming creeps and raking in the karma of there backs, is this your claim to fame? U should take a long hard look at urself before u try embarass random people again, ur only embarassing urself. " Albert Einstein, Wikipedia, and Einstein: Did you know a scientific expiriment by michelson and morley using light in 1887 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earth is stationary? Yesterday am That you will be mine soon You will be mine Kik, Ted, and Tits: Il 21 AM kik ted chatting with you 6 minutes ago Give me your tits or else I will split Split as in fuck off? GIF Probably the funniest creepypm I've ever gotten Husband, Doubt, and Creepy PMS: yep 3d you are a useless woman, and the dude would do well to rethink taking you for a wife, you seem stubborn, opinionated to a fault, you lack home training, and seems like you would be highly disobedient, and I do not doubt that you would not know how to do your duties... But one question gives her pause."Have you ever thought about how intimate your relationship is with your computer?

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